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The Witness who saw Nothing

Adel Emam, Oumar Alhariri, Nahid Gabr, Nazim Sharawi, Badr Nofel, Samir Wali Aldin, Shawky Shamekh, Saed Trabic, Abd Alhamid Almounir,

Release Date :1975
Video Description : The Witness who saw Nothing was released in 1975 . This is a well known Adel imam play and its very very funny .
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The Witness who saw NothingThe Witness who saw NothingThe Witness who saw NothingThe Witness who saw Nothing

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In this play Adel imam has the role of Chabane Abdel basir an honest and very simple man working in a kid TV program .

The neighbor of Adel imam was killed and adel imam was the main suspect , since police found the victim blood on Adel imam handkerchief .

Later they discovered that Adel imam was innocent, and since he was the last one who saw the victim it was invited as Witness .

The funny in the story that Adel imam did not see anything and do not know almost anything about the victim and her killer .

From here come the name : The Witness who saw Nothing or Shahed Ma Shafsh Haga

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amer from tunisia
adel imam is great actor , see how many movies he made , islamist salafist sucks , they hate everything , they hate , life , love, birds, flowers ... and even an enoccent smile , they want that all ppl sad all the time, fuck thouse mother fucker acting in name of our religion

Adel Imam\'s signature work

You are nothing but a clown, made your money making fun of Muslim brothers and Islam and kissing ass to Mubarak and the Israeli, your time has finished. You cannot make fun anymore of any one because people know you are hollow man, for the last time maybe you should try making fun of the real hero the Egyptian youth!!

you suck big time

you are so great adil imam i love you

adel imaam re della comicita arabica\"

hada hzarana m3a lha9

sarhan abd el basir
dana ralbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan hhhhhhhhhhhh

im ali i love you adil imam you are bthe leader of commedie.rabina yetawil 3omrak

very gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

i love you aadil tmam my friend


farouk amil
very nice play and very funny

je trouve le film beaucoup mieu si il aurait penser a le faire en sous titres pour les gens qui ne ^parle pa un mot arabe comme moi

apr??s 20ans et encore excellent avec une conscience social .qui me coupe le souffle avec toute simplicit?.


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