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killer who killed no one

Adel imam , Athar El hakim , Iman , Omar El hariri , Salah nadmi ,Aziza Hilmi ,Ahmed kamis , Ali El sherif , Ahmed rateb , Ahmed Maher , Hani lashin , Adli Yousef , Yousef El Asal

Release Date :1979
Video Description : killer who killed no one or Katel Ma Katelsh Had was released in 1979 . Adel imam in this film show how people can make anything in order to save their kids and to give them a normal life.
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killer who killed no onekiller who killed no onekiller who killed no onekiller who killed no one

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Adel imam in this film plays the role of Adel working in insurance compagny . Adel has only one kid , after his wife death his daughter became his only life sense .

Adel meets the teacher of his girl and found that she is a good woman and planned to marry  her .

From here the film start Adel discovered that he was ill seriously with a brain concert .

In this case Adel start searching on how will his daughter will lives after his death, so he tried to make some money . The only choice for Adel imam was to recognize himself as Killer in order to hide the identity of the real one .

Now Adel imam is in the jail and his doctor decided to make an operation in order to save him , this operation succeeded and Adel imam has to proof now that he was innocent .....

Watch the film for more detail .

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mois et les amis

mois et les amis

tu es toujours le roi du cinemapersonne ne peu prendre ta placeun grand salut sa majestazzedine du maroc

adel emam ahna bnhbk kter

kamal palctine
adel emam ahna bnhbk kter atmna ank taml film aktr men gid lean fi kter nas bthb atshofk motalk zi aiam zman shukrn men kamal

i like the movie good look adel amamwe are love you to much

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hadak mesehkot safi


vou ete des fou moi j suis senegalais si vou venez ici j v

mohamed elshazly
the movie doesnt load

mohamed elshazly
can i downlood




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