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Adel imam , Madiha Kamil , Sherin . Salah Nadmi , Mohamed SAbih . Housin Abdel Hamid , izat El amir , Ahmed Badir , Ahmed Hagrawi , Raga Toufik

Release Date :1980
Video Description : Torment or Al Gahim was released in 1980 . The well known Adel imam played this Film with Madiha Kamil were he criticized the people egoism.
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The film is about Ramzy who works in a hotel and discovers by chance that a gang is staying at the hotel and is hiding a bad full of stolen money . When Ramzy steals the gang's money and runs away , he finds a small motel on the road , owned by an old man and his young wife, and they accept to host him .

From this point , things get tangled and complicated when Ramzy goes into an affair with the owner's wife and her young at the same time while the gang comes too close to know where he is .

In this film Adel imam plays the role of Ramzi , working as a servant . This last was very poor and has a big family (father mother , three brother and one sister) all of them are asking and asking .

Adel imam ends up with stealing a big amount of money from one of his client (in the hotel) , Later Adel imam escaped . Since the police and some people were looking after him , Ramzi decided to hide itself in a restaurant .

With time Adel imam found that the wife of restaurant owner does not like her husband and just waiting for his death .

The wife of restaurant owner (Madiha Kamel) found the money hidden by Ramzi and asked him to kill her husband ,

This last refused . The film ends up with Adel imam loving the daughter of the restaurant owner .

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