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The birds of darkness

Adel imam , Yosra Rated , Ahmed Rateb , Nadmi Sharawi , Riad elkholi , Izat Abou El irif , Lotfi Abdel Magid ,Said tarabik , Kouthar Ramzi , Jalal Toufik , Hamdi yousef

Release Date :1995
Video Description : The birds of darkness or Teyour AL Dalam was released in 1995 . This is one of my preferred Adel imam films , where this last previewed some side of corruption in details.
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The birds of darknessThe birds of darknessThe birds of darknessThe birds of darkness

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Adel imam in this plays the role of a poor Avocat Fathi . Fathi like his friend ALi el Zanati was looking for power and money .

Each one started on its way , Adel imam tried to defend deal for high ranked political people while ALi decided to help a terrorist group . Step by step, both started being very important people and make a good amount of money .

Since both were avocat, they hide well all their deals and money , even if the government reveals their activity, they were well protected .

During the film a war start between the two friend since their interest coincided and both ended up in the jail , but there was no proof to let them stay there for long so the story will continue.

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i couldnt get the ending wich is the last part as adel kicks the ball can anyone explain please :)

rien a dire, ya pas plus fort que toi en cinma bien sur(mlange de comdie et drama).braaaaaaaaavo

georges jacob
the film doesnt work whats wrong we dont know

Samir Zaia
Adel imam he is the best

zouhaier ben doula

gracias adil imam

no commmment

good movie, thanks adil

out of jail fathi and 3ali!
this is how palestine and iran, fathi and 3ali are free..

The way for Egypt out of jail is in the first and last 5 minutes of this film. Great movie for Masr. Please download it on youtube. Ali is Iran, Fathi is Palestine. Both are winners through Hamas goal in 2009 Italiya.

c\'est bien


no commmment


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