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Rajab Fouka Safih sakhin

Adel imam , Said salah , nahid sherif , Nahid gabr , mimi gamal , ali el sherif , zouzou chakib , souad housni , amina salim ,saif allah moktar , mahmoud el iraki

Release Date :1979
Video Description : Rajab Fouka Safih sakhin was released in 1979 , This is a pretty funny Adel imam film were this last was cheated a hundred of time by Said Salah a must watch film.
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In this film Adel imam, the well know actor plays the role of ragab (from here come the film name Rajab Fouka Safih sakhin) , This last is a poor farmer with limited knowledge .

Ragab has to go in the capital to purchase a new reaping-machine , And here for the first time he met Said Salah , This last looked after the money of Adel imam, and he cheated him .

Adel imam ends up without money , and he searched for Said Salah . From here the film start , each time ragab found Said Salah this last cheat him again and again.

A pretty funny film .

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sheft haida film aktar men malyoun marra bass lissa bashoufou ka2inno 2awal marr3a i love uuuuuu adil imam you are the best

malla 3adil imam raw3a 4aier 3adi



Adel imam is the best ever !!

kamal qwedir
adel ana bahebk kter lano anta shahs gder btheka

kamal qwedir
ai love you adel emam atmna ank tkon bsha gida oaela alamm mn kamal


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