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Alsifara Filomara

Adel imam, Dalya ElBahri , Ahmed Rateb ,lotfi Labib ,Khaled Sarhan , Said Tariban , Ahmed Siam , mohamed Abou Daoud , Tarek Arafa , Mohamed Chouman

Release Date :2005
Video Description : Alsifara Filomara is pretty new Adel Imam film, and it's one of the funniest one , it was released in 2005 . In this Film Adel imam criticizes life of Arabic rich people and the current situation between Palatine and Israel . Adel Imam also clearly shows this film the internal war inside human in order to make the right , correct and honest choice.
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Alsifara FilomaraAlsifara FilomaraAlsifara FilomaraAlsifara Filomara

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Adel imam played in this film the role of petrol engineer being dismissed from his work at Arabic Imarat . Back to Egypt Adel imam found his self living with Israeli consul , which severely limited his freedom . Adel imam asked for help, and he tried at first to sell his apartment but there was no luck .

Adel imam finished by meeting a nice Egyptian girl which was totally busy by the political situation in her country and refused totally the idea how Adel imam can live near Israeli consul .

Adel decided to start a law curt against Israeli consul in order to make them go away .

Finally, Adel imam ends up with seeing his friend dying in Palestine and started a general revolution over the current political choice .

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malheuresement l egypte restera toujours miniscule du ponit de vue peuples arab


maioh adal twa hadai maiuk haja idau faihb lko taha erak tgala iujr salh hojt homuf hohn kok fimci hokn tok mdi hlob ukm uli hoimt fk iogf jmo tuof kmyr iik uohb ilkgi hnofst otah ik nluo glkcr ifkmhi hk ktak oymo hoigti thmr hi kmyr fk oykn uok miho lmyo fki lmitdi hki alah ito

It\'s a great film. One of my favorite films by Adel Imam, I like the fact that you\'ve posted all his films though I probably already seen them all, lol. anyway, it\'s a great film


oh yeah

movie with lots of guts....thanks mr imam

i feel that is exactly what Isreal did, once the arabs let them in, the isreali\'s shut the arabs out. That is the evil that zionisim is. And they call the palestinians, terrorist?

Adel Imam is the best actor in the world forever, unfortunatly we have just one Adil lmam , I hope him good health and long life for him .


so so sexy i like the girl with him

the king adel

Oi I

destroy everything in our way. this is the way for freedom. to destroy italia we did not build a single stone inside egypt. hamas has to keep destroying only. aim all our missles towards tel aviv and keep shooting the capital until liberation is complete after destroying every single house inside israel. this is the only way..

why the film is not going faster

i always like to wach adil imam film



kais alnuaymi
Thank you

Hesham Agamia from canada
very well done,Adel Imam is the best actor on the world forever

Thanks really for your hard work , I appreciate a lot your hard work . This film is my preferred one : -) .


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