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Terrorism and Barbeque

Adel imam , Kamal el Chenawi , Youssra , Ahmed Rateb , Mohamed yousef , Echraf Abdel baki , Ahmed Akil , Inaam saloula , Ala wala el din

Release Date :1993
Video Description : Terrorism and Barbeque or Al Irhab Wal Kabab was released in 1993 . This is a funny Adel imam film were this last criticize how people are unable to express their need, even if they have the chance to ask .
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Terrorism and BarbequeTerrorism and BarbequeTerrorism and BarbequeTerrorism and Barbeque

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Government Employee Ahmed fateh el BAB goes to the education administration dept . at the Taharir complex to transfer his children to another school . He's treated with insolence  and negligence by the clerks. . He rebels and loses his temper with one of the clerks . The clerk calls security , Ahmed clashes with them and a bulled is fired by mistake .

The security man runs away and Ahmed takes possession of the riffle . A rumor spreads that terrorists have taken over the complex .

Ahmed is then joined by four others including Hind  , a woman arrested for soliciting . The terrorist is asked for their demands , Ahmed demands a large quantity of BBQ and the plot unfolds ....

In this film Adel imam plays the of Ahmed an honest and simple man working in a water station .

The film start with Adel imam looking forward to transfer his two kids from a school to another (since it is very far and his kids are to tried from the long distance) .

When Adel imam asked the person in charge about the possible transfer they told him that the one who have to sign the document is away for a week .

A week later Adel imam asked again about him, and they said that the person in charge was in the toilette , Adel imam waited a bit then started searching .

Adel imam did not find him, and he was pretty angry by mistake he got a gun in his hand and people thought that he was a terrorist and from here the film start .

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le son tres tres movais !

I can\'t hear any thing . there is no voice

that was an excellent movie. God Bless EGYPT and there struggle for freedom!!!!!!! the people of the world are with you

ya3an din ran le3raballa is a whore a son of a bitch hehehehehehehe

the sound is bad

the volume needs to be adjusted

ahlan wasahlan

i hear voice only and the screen is balck for the movie

i ear voice only and the screen is balck for the movie


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