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We are the Bus People

Adel imam , Abdel Moniem Madbouli , Moshira , Akila Rateb , Said Abdel Gani ,Younnes Shalabi ,Ibrahim Saafan , Wagdi El Arbi , Isaad Younis , Gamal Esmail

Release Date :1979
Video Description : We are the Bus People or Ehna betough Al Autobis was released in 1979 , This film is based on a real story from the book of Hiwar Kalf el Aswar from ( Jalal El din El himasi)
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We are the Bus PeopleWe are the Bus PeopleWe are the Bus PeopleWe are the Bus People

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This popular hilarious comedy starring Egypt's most famous comedian , Adel imam , is about two people who get mistaken for political dissentients and get sent to prison to be tortured until they confess their plan to overthrow the regime .

A highly political revisionist black comedy about the Nasserite era directed by the great Hussein Kamal and supposedly based on a true story .

Adel imam in this film the role of Gaber , an engineer (just finished his study) . Gaber being an engineer (Geologies) was working in a work which does not correspond to its study , but since this last was poor he agreed .

The whole story start  when Adel imam and his neighbor were in the Autobus , there was some misunderstandings .. Adel imam and his neighbor was put in the Jail .

Due to the bad luck Adel imam and and his neighbor was treated as political prisoner, and they were forced to agree about crime that they did not commit .

The film ends up with Adel imam and his neighbor dying.

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This movie made me want to spit on the face of ALL the arab leaders, off to hell I hope they all go

Very powerful film, very moving by Adel Imam

the whats happen now

Anyway nice site keep up the good work ^^

You may wanna read this site admin :)However, do note that RTMP has its disadvantages too. Especially since the introduction of HTTP Pseudostreaming (used by e.g. Youtube), RTMP is not the only option for efficient video delivery. Some drawbacks to be aware of: * RTMP is a different protocol than HTTP and is sent over a different port (1935 instead of 80). Therefore, RTMP is frequently blocked by (corporate) firewalls. The JW Player detects and circumvents this issue. * RTMP is a true streaming protocol, which means that the bandwidth of the connection must always be larger than the datarate of the video. If the connection drops for a couple of seconds, the stream will stutter. If the connection bandwidth overall is smaller than the video datarate, the video will not play at all.

moovie is good but like always the player sucks because of that script that try somehow to hide the real link of the video :(Dude try to update and use a the simple way because anyway u can\'t hide the url the proof rtmp:// ---------> bobos real link for exemple .....

kamal film kter hlo
film ahsn mn gid good look adel emam we are love you


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